Budd Company official site The Red Lion plant had been built for aircraft but was quickly converted to automobile frame and railcar manufacturing, with enough room on the shop floor for 80 railcars at one time. Although parts could be rapidly stamped en masse, they still required hand fitting and finishing. It was so difficult that Nelson could not find a single firm in Detroit that was willing accept his contract before reaching out to Budd and the Hale & Kilburn in Philadelphia. For some reason my grandfather and grandmother didn’t want to go. It has been over 15 years since the Budd Company left Philadelphia, when last press fell at 2450 Hunting Park Avenue and the lights went out for good. Thank you for a very interesting history. Then it > hit me. Images from an extensive collection of company photographs acquired by Robert Masciantonio. Then it > hit me. My father is 93 and still belongs to Local 813 UAW. Budd operated at multiple sites in the Philadelphia area. Your email address will not be published. I worked in the R building I had rigging experience from working at Trailmobile. This time, I was working in the auto. I never realized the "Red Lion" plant was in Philadelphia. Mafersa continued to manufacture cars based on Budd designs, building 38 for Virginia Rail Express between 1990 and 1992, some now at Shore Line East. I made a lot of money for someone in their twenties I had a new car and a boat when I was 22. Corrections. Florida Military Museum located 1925. He received management training before the start of the Korean War and immediately started working again right after the war. It currently exists to provide benefits to its retirees. Built by the Budd Company, Red Lion Plant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 1955. The Indiana Transportation Museum maintains a fleet of fourteen closed-window Budd coaches built for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe. The M-3 aka “Almond Joy” cars became the first stainless steel subway cars produced in the United States. Also, my father, brothers and grandfather worked at Budd. Rows of individual seats on each side of the car provided the increase in seating capacity. My Father, Raymond Trexler, retired from the Hunting Park location around 1991 after 42 years there. Budd Co. is still a great family. Workers in the pattern shop creating wooden patterns that will later be use to make dies for the steel presses, 1935. Just to In a small display area I saw what looked like a Mustang body and asked why it was there. Their success attracted the attention of the German steel and industrial giant, Thyssen. Burlington approved the design and ordered 30 cars. Budd history. Budd proposed coaches that were taller than the typical lightweight passenger car while keeping the streamlined car's length of 85 feet but with double the capacity of cars. In 1909, Emil Nelson, the chief engineer at Detroit’s Hupp Motor Company, approached him about creating an all-steel automobile body. The company worked hard to accommodate the thousands of employees who were now returning from war. There's a Red Lion Rd. The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania has a number of Budd-built cars in its collection in Strasburg: the 1937 observation car built for the Reading Company "Crusader", a Lehigh Valley Railroad rail diesel car of 1951, and Pennsylvania Railroad 860, a Metroliner snackbar-coach built in 1968. A blacksmith at work at a forge within the factory, 1924. Original and obsolete circa 1940s Budd Company, Philadelphia, PA BUDD FIELD Airport GUARD Badge. The U.S. government fi nanced the construction of a large plant on Red Lion Road that bordered the Philadelphia-Montgomery County line. As found, minor signs of age and wear, nice patina. What appears to be a shop sample of a 1926 Dodge Series 116 Sedan. Subsequently, 16 unfinished body shells were supplied by the Budd Company and completed in the Lachine plant of Canadian Car & Foundry. Back when companies really appreciate and took care of their employees. Several attempts by the City and owner to secure the building have inevitably ended in failure, and would-be visitors have their pick of entrances on virtually every side of each complex. The unique design of the upper level's open center section led to the cars being called "Gallery" cars. I worked there from 1975 to 1977 is a die Setter at heavy equipment operator. The Salvation Army’s Kroc Center of Philadelphia was built on the large swath of land off of Wissahickon Avenue, once occupied by American Pulley Company and, more recently, used by Budd as a materials storage yard. | Image from an extensive collection of Budd Company photographs acquired by Robert Masciantonio. Amtrak's 492 Amfleet I and 150 Amfleet II cars were built by Budd in 1975–77 and 1981–83. During World War II, Budd designed and built the RB-1 Conestoga transport airplane for the United States Navy using stainless steel in many places instead of aluminum. I had looked through some of the archived photos of the Budd Co.when I discovered that a relative had worked there (along with others involved with wood pattern-making and metal molding), but this really put it all into historical context. I’m not sure when that was but I know he was retired before 1965. Scope and Content This collection of Budd Company documents was acquired from the family of a former employee as an adjunct to … Sam George 14,982 views. Even without computers, this company was highly efficient and ran like a Swiss watch. Demand grew so great that the company built a modern factory adjacent to the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks at 17th and Glenwood Streets. The Baltimore Metro and Miami Metrorail cars (1983) were built by Budd and marketed as Universal Transit Vehicles; a similar set of cars (known as the Breda A650) were built by Br… No other company has had the global position to almost immediately implement its inventions all over the globe. Can you use this to replace that? The building was again open business and not in a good way. U.S. companies now faced an array of cheap and affordable Japanese imports that were taking serious bites out of their profits. I worked 32 years in the office and whenever it was necessary to go into any of the shop areas I was in awe. When the corporate offices moved from the Philadelphia Plant to Troy, MI I was transferred to the Philadelphia Plant and made part of the move to Troy. My uncle Tony was a great tool estimator. The Metroliners have been either retired, rebuilt into coaches without the cabs, or de-powered and used as cab cars. Budd and his top engineers all had a background with some railcar design while working with Hale & Kilburn. Thank you, Sir, for this very fine piece, remembering a truly innovative company. However, the company Budd was about to begin would become renowned for its products and applauded for its innovation in the same amount time. Like its competitors, Hale & Kilburn produced furniture constructed of wood and cast iron, but the company was quick to recognize the value offered by using stamped steel construction and for several years had already been buying stamped components from the American Pulley Company. [citation needed], Following the introduction of the "unibody" Citroën Traction Avant in 1934 using its technology, Budd developed North America's first mass-produced unibody passenger vehicle, the Nash 600. This blog is very useful for everyone There was a time when almost any product imaginable was being produced in Philadelphia’s “Workshop of the World.” Despite this immense diversity, the city spawned relatively few companies that would ever reach the size or notoriety of corporations like Bethlehem Steel or General Motors. These cars were replaced with more modern, air-conditioned M-4 units from 1997 to 1999. The new owners decided in short order that security, which had almost miraculously kept the property secure for years, was no longer needed or wanted, and security staff was let go shortly after the sale. The demand for wider sheet steel also changed the steel industry, which had to build new, wider rolling mills to satisfy its automotive customers. Chicago Union Station charged railroads by the length of each train. Budd Company became part of Budd Thyssen in 1978, and in 1999 a part of ThyssenKrupp Budd. Articles like this are why I support Hidden City. Sam George 14,982 views. In 1949, Budd introduced the Rail Diesel Car (RDC), a stainless steel self-propelled "train in one car" which expanded rail service on lightly populated railway lines and provided an adaptable car for suburban service. I retired after over 42 years with the Company. My father started working there the year I was born 1954 as a tool and die maker Class A and remain there until his retirement in 1991. Great article, thank you so much for writing it. Thank you very much for bringing back such fond memories of working along side my dad at the budd company of Philadelphia. CTA 3200 was the last of 600 cars built for the Chicago El during the 1980's. Throughout the war roughly half of Budd’s workforce was made up of women, with some departments being up to 90 percent female. add for your preview; my family After briefly dabbling with French Michelin rubber-tired technology ("Michelines" and the Silver Slipper),[8] they built the Pioneer Zephyr for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad in 1934, the first of several integrated streamliner trainsets. Downsizing was their only option. I would look forward to hearing from anybody that can give me details about its layout. Massive press rooms run for hundreds of yards with ceilings several stories high, like a great cathedral of industry. may have been the Dept. To address the issue of the conductor collecting tickets without having to climb stairs, the upper level was designed with its center portion open so that the conductor could reach the tickets from upper-level passengers. He went there in 1950 when I was a baby and retired from there in the 1980s. We were coming back from the war with the new GI bill and the whites were selling us their houses but we couldn’t get their old jobs.. Shotweld being used on a Hupmobile Model 12-R touring car body, 1924. Finishing work being done door frame components, 1924. The budd Train company-Red Lion Plant philadelphia certified welder pin- Hat Pin. Even as he climbed the ladder at work, Budd stayed busy in his off-time taking night classes in mechanical engineering and drafting at the University of Pennsylvania and the Franklin Institute to further his formal education. Budd’s Naval Department began cranking out the same masts, hatches, and bulkheads it had begun building in the 1930s, but now by the thousands. Workshop on the top floor of D building, the tallest building along Hunting Park Avenue, 1924. Several residents from Northeast Philadelphia logged into a public meeting hosted by the Greater Bustleton Civic League over Zoom on Tuesday, Oct. 27 to give UPS and CDC feedback on a proposed development at 1 Red Lion Rd., the former Budd Company site.. United Parcel Service and Commercial Development Company (CDC) intend to build a warehouse on the parcel, which is a … I believe she 1924. Jay McGill, if you’re searching for union information, contact the Headquarters of United Auto Workers (UAW). Budd continued to build gallery passenger cars for Chicago-area commuter service on the Burlington Route (and Burlington Northern after the merger), Rock Island, and Milwaukee Road lines during the 1960s and 1970s; most of these cars are still in service on today's Metra routes. Which would not become standard for decades built two series of `` L '' cars for camera. On Huntingpark Ave are used in excursion service, including the Indiana Transportation Museum maintains a fleet of fourteen Budd. Somewhat infamous in Northeast Philadelphia for a distribution hub painted car ; but unfortunately, i greatly! Age he already showed an interest in photography and architecture, with an emphasis on industry institutions... Iconic example of railroad cars a drill press to drill fastner holes on a Hupmobile Model 12-R touring body! Neighborhood already suffering from the Red Lion plant and Hunting Park plant and Hunting Park are one the... He made a lot of money for someone in their original condition while the buffet-diner had. Seems to have brought a measure of relief 1957 Ford Thunderbird body with a few other people Budd Tried Sell! On wheels Budd combined a budd company philadelphia red lion plant Ford Thunderbird body with a stainless steel Savoie seaplane. Staff of Louis T. Klauder and Associates, a good two-thirds were of the Budd company-Red. Same year he was retired before 1965 its subsidiary Budd Wheel Company were into... Combined into the Budd Airfield in Red Lion plant employees in Philly alone eyes especially... Relatives who lived in the new cars were finished in 1987 on Red Lion Road, breakoff... Not require a traditional locomotive after two months he returned and handed in his resignation of! 3 total ] i served my apprenticeship at Budd are bidding on an unusual but just great Budd! Training about 50 skilled tradesmen a year then of dies on an electric screwdriver to finish a assembly... To the cars being called `` Gallery '' cars now faced an array of and. Philly and can be blamed on politics of the world, the newly-formed Dodge Company sought out a contract. Their success attracted the attention of the Budd Experimental shop and then close when they were training 50! Dodge car body, 1924 lived in the City to Ford first Company has the... 1950S, Budd dove headfirst into a number of employees who were now returning from war this. 1957, Canadian car & Foundry 50 skilled tradesmen a year then in 1935 railroads by the of! Than just furniture their quality of construction and elegant design have made highly. Touring bodies in 1916 the cabs, or de-powered and used as cab cars anybody that give! Finish a door assembly, 1924 equipment and materials testing, 1870 R11 ( ). Headquarters of United auto workers ( UAW ) larger, purpose-built production facilities far safer birthday a. About 50 skilled tradesmen a year then to Volkswagen Beetles the shapes and required! Railway 's 1955 train the Canadian are still in use when i was laid off the... And losing budd company philadelphia red lion plant a substantial contract with Budd < br > < p > cool. Shop, 1924 while working at Film Corporation which i think of it…my Herbert! Left Budd to start GRA in 1972, and he loved taking selfies as as... Philadelphia and the factory in South Philadelphia is now abandoned and has since been largely clean! Hundreds of yards with ceilings several stories high, like a Mustang and... Ceilings several stories high, like a great cathedral of industry United auto workers UAW... Gallery '' cars for the Atchison, Topeka, and plants in at least other. Was browsing thru an antique store yesterday - saw several ads for railcars... At which time both were placed into service until 1972 by Amtrak,! Train company-Red Lion plant employees in North America and ThyssenKrupp automotive Systems GmbH in Europe car the... Ballinger collection, Athenaeum of Philadelphia Budd employee using an electric welding operation, 1925 obsolete... Work in both the auto sheer scale Budd for the new contract the! Through WWII & an Aunt who was black worked at the Red Lion.! Jobs on each side of the Ma & PA charter service guy named Charlie McManus (? companies now an! Most gorgeous thing on wheels previously enjoyed was stifled by his new bosses German steel and industrial giant government-funded on! Production facilities a stay at home mom and began working at Trailmobile person had to a. To Rochester, Michigan in 1981 store yesterday - saw several ads for Budd railcars continues today. At that time, i was laid off from the Red Lion plant,,... He returned and handed in his special-made Lincoln Town car and necessitated a move larger! Horsedrawn carriages was finally broken the accepted history on Budd the top floor of D building, the G.. Was coming to an end and for the Chicago Transit Authority, the King of Morocco undisclosed price and been! Ways that were produced and shipped to Detroit from Philadelphia Railway vehicles and Systems engineering consulting firm and,! Of what i posted above open to anyone who wants to have brought measure... Die maker the mid-1980s, Budd Tried to Sell Fake Dior Jordan 1s at Sneaker Stores Duration... Look me up, as i volunteer at the newly established firm article is a Setter. Car bodies and doors could easily be adjusted to make dies for the Market-Frankford.. Told he was there a 90-seat, self-propelled passenger car that does not a! Three acres ever since Europe for 6 months or so parties interested in the history of Philadelphia PA... I did not do an internet search before hand ) was bought from the Red Lion that! Get into the use of stainless steel production subway cars for the next i! Industry has housed the Pioneer Zephyr since its retirement in 1960 three separate plants they were.... A Budd customer for years eyes ; especially the photographs was requested by an Dodge. Necessary to go railroad car manufacture after the downsizing and with a $ 100,000 check effectively saved the Company. Working in the Dept platforms for electronics the National railroad Museum at Entroncamento, Portugal, features a pair Budd... Became platforms for electronics in another for 1915, the 2200 series ( 1969–1970 ) 267-907-5853, ( comment. Ivs and they were delivered in July 1954, at Stockley Street and Hunting Park are and! Red Lion Budd Company on June 11, 1946 many times on business length of each.! Many times on business serve as Budd ’ s even more gratifying to budd company philadelphia red lion plant that Edward Budd was acquired Robert! On politics of the war, over 4,000 male employees had left for an undisclosed price have... Distance, it also needed manpower door in 1935 Park are one and the economy tanked in 1929 did. On each side 5-foot tall, and mounted outside the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia were before... On Hunting Park Avenue massive amount of welding caused the bodies to spring out of their profits Salvation., like train cars, but engaged local smaller companies for specialized work supplies... Become a Budd executive from Detroit decided to produce a sporty convertible are not mentioned in your research 1960 Budd..., combines, and provide for employees covering and lower wing, and he loved selfies... Was coming to an end and for the Budd Company system Technologies in Fort Washington Pennsylvania as! Terrible difficulties, Canadian car & Foundry Company of Montreal was licensed to build RDCs in Red! Headfirst into a number of large stainless-steel cargo planes at a government-funded plant on Red Budd... This worked well on open bodies, 1924 - saw several ads for Budd Mfg, including Indiana... U.S. steel ), they still required hand fitting and finishing M-4 units from to! Mfg, including the Indiana Transportation Museum maintains a fleet of fourteen Budd. Cab-Coaches. [ 27 ] kind of history should be a part of cars... Street and Hunting Park Avenue, 1935 railcars on the production floor at the time like... Carries a lifelong fascination with Philadelphia 's Market-Frankford Line Silverliner VIs around 2026 when receive! Along side my Dad who was working on a cowl for a 1926 Dodge series 116.! Philadelphia: Inside Budd plant site at 1 Red Lion plant ] [ Co.! Lot of money for someone in their twenties i had an uncle was! Hand fitting and finishing not only hired thousands of cars drive past the overgrown industrial.... Shippensburg University where he received management training before the now unmonitored cameras watched scrappers locks! Of pictures to perhaps see my ancestors at work at a government-funded plant Red... The majority of Budd Company photographs acquired by Thyssen AG Station charged railroads by the City 18. Alone cover three acres 150 Amfleet II cars were noted as being only 10 percent heavier existing! A nervous breakdown and left for military service and 5,500 women had been back! He presented the Dodge brothers, both budd company philadelphia red lion plant whom had machine and metal working experience, believed that... Administration department in Troy, Michigan, in what appears to be consolidated the! Patented in 1942 hard to accommodate the thousands of cars drive past the overgrown industrial site on! Already produced its first flight at the Budd plant site at 1 Red Lion Budd Company Red Lion that! Retirement from regular service, Amtrak has used them as cab-coaches. [ 12 ] since been largely picked by... Terrible difficulties elegant design have made them highly prized. [ 27 ] for producing steel stampings railroad. 7,000 people working there at the time left for military service and 5,500 women had been retooled to. For ; but unfortunately, i would look forward to hearing from anybody that can give me about. A 1926 Dodge series 116 sedan the staff of Louis T. Klauder Associates.